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South End's Buttery transformed into New Haven joint for Clooney/Affleck movie

Getting ready to film a bar scene for George Clooney movie

Michael Ratty caught the setting up at the Buttery on Shawmut Avenue this morning for filming a scene in George Clooney's movie about a kid who loses his father and bonds with the guy's at his uncle's Long Island bar before heading off to Harvard, um, Yale.

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for people who like their croissant with a high sodium content: "A Salt 'n' Buttery"

And another one that sells safe-to-eat raw pancake batter:


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Responding to dan r comment on the post about The Buttery croissants. Several years ago we did a blind tasting to find the best croissants in the SE and The Buttery did not fare well. The best croissants were determined to be at Cafe Madeleine, but in fairness to The Buttery, they have recently changed pastry chefs so the quality may have improved. I'm partial to their avocado toast on their multiseed bagel.


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Wasn't this movie titled Cocktail, Outside Providence or The Drop? It might have been The Paper Chase or Good Will Hunting but I'm not sure. Maybe it was Real Genius or Rudy, I cannot be sure.

It was probably some class-based drama where the quiet genius is elevated out of their blue collar existence through the magical allocation of a coveted full-ride scholarship after being discovered by an elite university's agent working in a dive bar or related activity. There's a bar in the movie, that's for sure. And the genius never thought to apply at a more affordable institution because they're always being held back by some baggage yet we get the sense that they were really holding out for a free ride at an Ivy League school. Our hero will meet someone interesting and leave their loser friends behind as they move away to pursue a career in academia. Happily ever after.

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You mean the Episcopal Divinity School, um, Lesley, um, Yale?

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guys, not guy's

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I hate it when people use apostrophes to pluralize words, but I wouldn’t bring it to anyone’s attention in order to shame them. Ah, the freedom of posting anonymously.

In most cases, apostrophes are used to denote possession; s or es added to the end of a word denotes pluralization.

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Each residential college at Yale has a Buttery, a student-run grill.

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