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South Shore teens tried ringin' in the New Year with a little 'rona, police say

Duxbury Police report kids from across the South Shore were having a grand time celebrating the start of the new year at a bash on Federal Eagle Road last night when officers arrived to bust up the party.

Police say they were able to identify 17 of the youngsters, who came from an assortment of South Shore towns, but that additional teens managed to flee the police.

Zachary Hamadeh, 18, and a resident of the party house, was charged with distribution of alcohol to minors and likely faces additional charges for violations of Covid-19 party restrictions.

Police add they've notified local schools and public-health officials to brace for impact. School officials in other Massachusetts towns, when faced with similar parties, have typically switched to at-home instruction for two weeks.

Innocent, etc.

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Good! They got exactly what the fuck they deserved, the assholes.

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Is this another form of white privilege,

I believe there should be a reward for anyone who turns in any young person who is at this party.

You should monitor all the young people's social media identify the young people who are present. Quarantine them write them a fine and write their parents a fine.

Especially anyone under the age of 18 their parents should get the fine.

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First, we don't know anyone's race in this story. Though I understand we could assume.

Second, drive around the city and you'll see plenty of young people, of all colors, violating public health rules/recommendations.

Third, the kids absolutely shouldn't have had a party, but before throwing the book at them and their parents, I'd love to know more about how perfect of a teen you were. (And if the kid (s) are 18, then their parents really aren't part of the story anyway.)

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I used to know that only adult black man living in Duxbury. He had a dentist office on Ashmont Street in Dot. That was during the Carter administration. Good guy, from the islands, was really lax on the novocaine. He moved out a long time ago.

I live near Duxbury. My kids used to play Duxbury a lot (and beat 9 times out of 10) in sports despite a smugness on their part that made you want to punch a few parents and a hate to say it, a few teenagers. You always knew the Duxbury kids because they never picked up their water bottles from the floor after a basketball game.

There are no black people that I am aware of in Duxbury and I have been interacting with that town on a regular basis for nearly two decades.

The town voted to essentially decriminalize underage drinking a few years ago so the little brats of the town wouldn't have to go to court and mess up their NHS and college applications. That is White Privilege writ large.

It is like the police chief in The Ref who can't do anything because all of the parents talk to their DA Friend and their Judge friend. The town makes a big deal if they arrest someone from a "lesser" town in their minds, just as other towns in the area make a big deal if someone from Dragonia is found outside of the bounds of the law.

So to answer your question. I'll bet my next paycheck that Caucasian was the uber dominant category at the shin dig.

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"You should monitor all the young people's social media identify the young people who are present. Quarantine them write them a fine and write their parents a fine"

LOL. Sounds like a great use of police resources. Lets get the full CSI team on this one. Its a stupid high school party. They punished the kid who threw the party. Move on.

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Its a stupid high school party. They punished the kid who threw the party. Move on.

Wow. The ignorance in this comment speaks volumes about your limited scientific accumen.

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Haha. How many genders are there?

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Move your horse and buggy, old-timer, it's not the 19th century any more.

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If you don't know that, you probably failed high school biology - or took it before we knew how many different gender chromosome and phenotypic arrangements exist.

What gender is this bird?

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First of all his parents had nothing to do with it. Second of all know your facts before you speak. Zachary is a great kid and a champion athlete and student. Just because he made a mistake doesn't give you or anyone else the right to misjudge him.

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We should set up a new agency -- maybe call it the State Technical Agency for Sanitation Information or STASI for short. Task it with monitoring all activities online and in person of residents and visitors to Massachusetts.

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