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Start spreadin' the Nu - Burger place leavin' Fenway

So, Nu? Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Nu Burger, which was in the Time Out food hall in what used to be the Sears Building in the Fenway until it was shut due to Covid-19, has moved into temporary space inside Anoush'Ella at 35 West Newton St. in the South End.

Both places are owned by Nina and Raffi Festekjian; the move means you'll be able to chose between burgers and Mediterranean fare on West Newton Street now.



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We need more Yiddish in our lives. The language with chutzpah.

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it opened, I lobbied The Improper Bostonian to create a new Fast Casual category in the annual Boston's Best awards issue to recognize them.

I didn't often review inexpensive restaurants for The Improper, but my deal with them allowed me to do a few per year if I thought they were extraordinary, and I gave it a full review: https://www.improper.com/food-drink/fast-casual-fab/

One of my few regular takeout stops in the pandemic this past year, too: https://boston.eater.com/22166332/best-restaurant-takeout-delivery-groce...

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