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State launches new 'interactive' Covid-19 dashboard, which promptly disappears

Update, 10:45 a.m., Tuesday: Dashboard is now working.

If you try to access the new Massachusetts Covid-19 dashboard, all you're likely to see right now is:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volumes of web traffic, some users have experienced difficulty accessing today’s COVID-19 Dashboard. We are working quickly to address this issue and we expect to re-post the dashboard soon. We thank you for your patience.

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The usual "everyone logs in for opening day" overload, I presume.

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Another is that something worked in small scale testing but not for any sort of simultaneous use situations.

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DPH is about 10 years behind on IT because of luddite managers and cost cutting measures by the legislature.

A couple years ago they were struggling to replace my friend's XT machine by scrounging up a Windows 7 box.

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Around midnight.

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and they changed how the provide the underlying data.... again.
Almost like they don't want a useful record of things.

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I don't have a computer, and it's useless on a tablet.

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