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Still no car inspections this week; Registry tells police to go easy on people with expired March stickers

The RMV says vehicle-inspection stations across the state will remain shut as a key vendor on the system tries to recover from a hacker attack, and that there will be no inspections through at least Friday.

Because of the outage, the RMV says that owners of cars with expired March inspection stickers have until April 30 to get a new one. Same applies to cars bought on or after March 23.

And drivers whose cars failed inspection "will be afforded one extra day for each day Applus’s system remains unavailable but should plan to facilitate their inspection as soon as possible once the system is restored and stations are online."




Vaccine delivery screwups, ongoing DUA debacle, now the RMV situation, all failures on the state level. Where exactly does the buck stop in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?


To the best of knowledge, the RMV's vendor was attacked. A private company would probably switch vendors, but the state has a lot of rules around hiring vendors. I am certain that it would take much longer to find a new vendor.

Furthermore, those rules are not up to the executive unless I'm mistaken. I don't think there is anything the governor can possibly do to help this situation. If I'm wrong, by all means, blame Baker, but it's silly to fault him for things that are completely out of his control. That's how you get more BS politicians that just lie about what they can accomplish.

(This is not an endorsement of CB. I really don't have an opinion on him right now. When we get closer to an election I'll look more carefully at his record. It's just silly to blame a problem on someone who can't control the situation.)


Every mayor, governor, and manager of a large organization, has problems come up. People like Baker because he (usually) seems to acknowledge problems and work towards solutions that are in the interest of the State like an adult, instead of posturing, blaming or name-calling.

He also doesn't seem overly beholden to any particular special interest group(s). This also makes me like him more than the average politician.

Tell me again why Baker is a popular, can-do governor?
By CopleyScott17 on Wed, 04/07/2021 - 9:58am.

Vaccine delivery screwups, ongoing DUA debacle, now the RMV situation, all failures on the state level. Where exactly does the buck stop in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

This isn't their fault nor Charlies.. its the RMV's vendor

This does not just effect MA 's RMV but several other states too

Lets blame Charlie when its his fault, but this ain't it.


Two of those three things (lack of vaccine supply to keep up with demand and the hack of a vendor that is affecting multiple states) are beyond his control, while the other (unprecedented demand for unemployment services coupled with the classic fraud through identity theft) was both kind of hard to anticipate and kind of only affected a small number of people (which is not to say it was okay what happened to them.)

Massachusetts ranks 10th in population vaccinated, by the way.


Do tell.

Note that MA doesn't have anything to do with CVS, Wallgreens, and several other fed direct programs.

RMV wait times are 10% longer than usual!

(I wish there were a Mass only version of the Onion)


I know we had spring stickers for both cars and didn't get new stickers until the summer. Seems there should be fewer March stickers expired than usual and probably no Aprils.

Mines been expired since July of 20.

I was waiting until I was fully vaccinated before going to get my car inspected (I'm high risk and have a disability that keeps me from hanging around outside or going for a walk while the inspection is being done). I planned to get inspected last week and had been doing almost no driving, but now have things scheduled and a very expired inspection sticker. Hopefully police just won't even be looking at stickers for now.


Avoid towns with low crime rates and lots of single family homes. Cops are ruthless in those towns for minor infractions.


Find a weathered plastic bag for that "oh gee it just caught in my windshield wiper covering the expired sticker" trick.

Should get you to the shop okay. You can always note that your disability prevented you from pulling over safely to clear it.

when are they coming back along with the MDC police?