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Still plenty of room left for development on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain: Apartment building proposed to replace parking lot

3409 Washington St. rendering

Rendering by RODE Architects.

A Dedham developer is proposing to replace what is now a tow lot at 3409 Washington St. with a 29-unit apartment building.

The proposal by S & H Management would sit a couple doors down from a new 21-unit residential building and a few doors down from where the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corp. has approval for a 39-unit apartment building for seniors (although that group would first have to prevail against lawsuits by a neighboring brewery and its landlord).

It's across the street from BMS Paper, whose owner has proposed adding 160 residential units atop its existing warehouse and store, which in turn is near where Pine Street Inn has approval for a 140-unit apartment building. Just across Green Street, a developer has proposed a 43-unit building to replace the parking lot and garage next to where Exodus Bagels used to be.

S & H's plans call for five affordable units. In total, the building would have 14 studios, 8 one-bedroom units and 7 two-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 450 to 850 square feet.

The building would have parking for seven cars: "The project is a transit-oriented, smart-growth development that takes advantage of the MBTA buses along Washington Street and nearby Orange Line Green Street T-Stop and Forest Hills multi-modal transit station."

Also planned: A ground-floor "community" space that S & H is still figuring out exactly what to fill with; possibilities range from an art studio to a coffeehouse to a room for community meetings.

Their filing describes the architecture:

The project seeks to continue the material palette already found on Washington St by employing brick with dark metal detailing while also utilizing other complimentary high-quality materials. Terra cotta and small-scale textured metal panels will relate to the finer residential grain and enrich the streetscape. A screening element will conceal the parking area and visually limit the break in the ground floor needed to accommodate off-street parking. The screening, set back from the building face, creates an increased pedestrian zone and an improved streetscape.

The rear and side facades of the project will employ the same high quality, thoughtfully detailed materials and language found on the Washington St façade. Additional step-backs will limit the rear massing toward neighboring residential units on Union Ave.

3409 Washington St. filings and calendar.

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Seriously with all this new density we need a full-sized grocery somewhere near Forest Hills. Currently drive to the west Roxbury Roche Bros and in an ostensibly urban area that's a bit ridiculous to have to go that far, let alone how bad it is for people without cars.

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Centre Street Whole Foods and Stop & Shop are a little closer. But yeah, Forest Hills has always been a bit of a desert. It's too bad Harvest couldn't make it.

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Former resident of Glen Rd/Green St near the park. This building specifically would be steps from the Green St T stop. And from there it's two stops to Jackson and the Stop and Shop there.

The problem with adding another full size grocery store anywhere near the area is conjuring up enough parking. Whole Foods barely has enough, and it was already a grocery store when they bought the location. What are you going to knock down to build the store and a parking lot for it?

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This lot is Waaaaaaaay too small for the type of grocery store you suggest. You know, the kind your kind feels is adequate for you. Large, overpriced, with Kombucha and a food bar.

There is another grocery right on Green Street, and another steps away on Washington next to E-13. They are the Green Street Market and Ruggiero's Market. Granted, they are not the Stop and Shop in Jackson Square, but they will get you by in-between large grocery runs. There is also BMS if you need large. Then there are the bodegas. I shop in these places regularly if I need those last few things for dinner. Or a 50 lb. bag of flour (from BMS). The people at all of these places are great.

Maybe you're too white woke for such places. Too urban gritty for your taste. Seems you're into "gentrifying" the neighborhood just a little more.

I put the quotations because that is an anti-white slur and I don't want to trigger you too badly.

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5 minute walk to the Orange Line? Right on the Washington Street bus line? Check, check.

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Timing probably won't work out, but I can dream.

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