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SUV goes up in flames on the turnpike in Newton

Car fire on the Massachusetts Turnpike

Hannah Armstrong captured the flaming SUV on the Massachusetts Turnpike westbound, just before Exit 17 in Newton Corner, shortly after 1 p.m. today. State Police report no injuries and that Newton and Boston firefighters doused the flames.

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i’m not familiar with it, perhaps you meant exit 127??

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Confusion is fun!

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Sure looks like Exit 17 from this image ...

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Massachusetts (and some parts of RI) are decades behind in implementing the Federal directive that exit numbers be distance-based from the state border, not ordinal.

Click here to keep up with the changes: https://www.newmassexits.com/

NOTE: Bostnkid was right: 17 is now 127 - close call decided for reduced confusion!

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We're not decades behind. Mileage-based exits only became mandatory in the 2009 MUTCD. But there's no deadline for conversion. States just have to submit a plan to show that they're going to do it. https://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/htm/2009r1r2/part2/part2e.htm#section2E31

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It will be interesting to see how long it takes us all to catch on to the new numbering system. I'm sure it's entirely dependent upon how often one uses the affected roads/highways.

And of course I didn't pay attention on my drive to my construction site today, instead just looked for Rt 128/95 North from the Pike. *sigh*

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