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Teens, police hand out personal alarms to Chinatown elders

Teen showing senior how to use one of the alarms

Teen showing seniors how to use one of the alarms. Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report that teens and officers distributed several hundred small alarm devices to senior citizens in Chinatown yesterday because of a growing wave of attacks on Asian-American senior citizens.

The small devices have a button that, when pushed, sounds a loud alarm and emits a bright light.

Sampan reports the teens came up with the idea to raise funds for the devices after hearing about attacks across the country in recent months. They raised enough to buy 700 of the alarms.

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If they do, they might also be useful in an "I've fallen and I can't get up" sort of situation. Which does happen to seniors.

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It’s just a VERY load alarm and flashes.

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I know Los Angeles and New York had numerous attacks occurred there that were vicious enough to make the national news.

But has it happened here in Boston? I know several friends who live in Chinatown and they told me "not that they were aware of."

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Here's one that happened this month.

She was just a few feet away from her apartment, after turning around the corner of Washington and Northampton St in Boston when the assaulter walked towards her and brutally punched and beat her up while trying to steal her purse in broad daylight on a busy street.
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That's looks like an example of a non-hate crime getting labeled as a hate crime. An asian woman was assaulted during a scuffle with a purse snatcher. That's crime but not a hate crime.

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Even if you're right, so what? Do old people being assaulted for unbigoted reasons not deserve protection?

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Don't get to decide what is/isn't racism and what is/isn't a hate crime.

Victims and courts do.

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Victims, or just the courts? Either way, it's the victim's granddaughter who is your "self-appointed arbiter" deciding that it's racism and hate crime, in the linked story.

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Refugee, how do you know why the attacker targeted the woman? Did he tell you?

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That's looks like an example of a non-hate crime getting labeled as a hate crime.

"Looks" how?

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Thank you to the teens who came up with the idea and raised money to make it a reality.

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