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There's really only one place for an Olympic athlete to eat in Readville

Simone Biles and a Queer Eye guy on the side of Olympic Pizza

OK, so Olympic Pizza is the only place to eat in Readville for anybody, never mind Olympic athletes (unless you count the Dunkin' Donuts across the street), but now we know where Simone Biles would eat if she made a wrong turn getting off 128 and got horribly lost, thanks to the billboard on the Hyde Park Avenue side of the place (or maybe she really loves their curly fries).


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That's a meatball and 'sketti

not curly fries.

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I was just thinking of my favorite thing from there. I'm hungry ...

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I find those ads to be particularity obnoxious as billboards go.

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Maybe if I had seen any of the video ads (with the same people) I would find these billboards amusing, but...
All I see is famous champion woman athlete whom I recognize (even if I couldn't remember her name) and not-famous not-champion male athlete (whom I did not recognize, who turns out to be actor, not athlete), that I'm left trying to figure out if this is some sort of Will Ferrell lame parody (yes, I know "lame" is redundant in that last portion) ---
...leaving me wondering what the hell the message is here because the only vibe coming off this billboard is crude innuendo (of a level that I haven't noticed since "I take a sheet in the pool!") that this weird guy is wearing a duplicate of her costume and will be "eating a perfect 10" tonight.

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I know I’m not the target demographic, but I haven’t the slightest idea who either of the featured people from that ad campaign are. (I’m assuming one is a famous gymnast)

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As Adam says, she's Simone Biles, often called the greatest female gymnast ever. She currently dominates the sport. As for the guy, I don't have any idea who he is, either, but I seriously doubt he's done anything to warrant sharing space with Biles.

I wonder whether she knows about this billboard, or if they didn't get her permission to use her image.

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Considering that she signed a contract with Uber Eats who placed the billboard.

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from Queer Eye on Netflix. He's pretty fantastic, I'd recommend watching the show.

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I've seen the ads with them. I have no idea who he is but he is obsessed with her in the ads, wants to be her " bestie" and she is creeped out that he's wearing her leotard. Very weird ads.

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From the latest incarnation of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Not that I've watched it, I just see enough too much social media to know who he is.

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Putting her in ads with that wierdo is reminiscent of the exploitation of Jim Thorpe.

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I live down the street from there and walk by it every day. Barely give it a second glace because living there, our delivery options are few without using one of the apps.

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Oh, sorry, that was the Olympia Restaurant not the Olympic Pizza.

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