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Third apartment building proposed for short street next to Hyde Park train station

Proposed 7 Dana Ave.

Rendering by Vanko Studio Architects.

A developer wants to tear down a house at 7 Dana Ave. in Hyde Park to put up a 27-unit apartment building with 30 parking spaces just steps from the Hyde Park commuter-rail station.

In a filing with the BPDA, Milan Patel says the four-story building would have storage space for 34 bicycles. Patel paid $1.15 million for the current house, which has room for up to six units, in 2018, according to Registry of Deeds records.

The new building would be next to a 24-unit apartment building now under construction, which in turn is next to a building with both apartments at commercial space at Dana and Hyde Park avenues, where the Eagles club used to be, that has remained unfinished for years.

The filing says the building would be 175 feet from the train station - and within a short walk of Ron's Ice Cream. The property backs up against the Walgreens parking lot.

7 Dana Ave. filings and calendar.

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This one is truly ugly.

And I don't care. Build it. We need more of this transit-oriented housing.

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Clearly, being near Ron's Ice Cream would be the deciding factor for would-be residents. Does the BPDA have an official Ice Cream Accessibility index?

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This is not the first Hyde Park development proposal I've seen that cites the proximity of Ron's Ice Cream as one of the highlights of life in Hyde Park.

I mean, it IS good ice cream, but still.

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There is an accessibility advocate (whose name escapes me this morning) in Boston who talks about the ice cream test as a measure of a neighborhood. In essence, everyone should have access to inessential but fun things like ice cream within easy walking/wheeling distance. It's also an indicator that most essential things are also within easy access. This project absolutely passes the ice cream test.

When projects pass the ice cream test, they also probably do not need more parking spaces than units, so it would be great if they pushed that number lower, especially since it's just around the corner from the commuter rail.

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I know there’s no way Hyde Park would let it happen, but it’s literally on the Hyde Park CR stop. Around the block from a 32 & 50 stop. Another block to the 33, and a little further the other way to the 24. 8 minute walk from the Fairmount stop. On the same block as a Shaw’s and Walgreens. Walking distance to all the restaurants and stores in Cleary Square. One could feasibly live car-free there, although a bit of a pain while the 32 gets stuck in traffic on HPA and having to pay zone 1 prices at Hyde Park station. Those (hopefully) won’t be long term problems. Certainly could live car-lite. Only questionable thing is how useful that bike parking will be given how dreadful the bike infra along HPA is, but again, hopefully that gets improved soon too.

We certainly should be housing more people here, even if it comes at the expense of housing for cars.

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I learned all about the rectangles in buildings everywhere and why there are so many of them.


Looking forward to seeing the new housing

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I support new housing in the downtown area of HP but man that is an ugly building!

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The building on the corner of Hyde Park Avenue and Dana Avenue is finished. People live in the building. Now, why the commercial space in the first floor has never been occupied is beyond me, but in theory, it is ready to be occupied.

As for this development, as long as they don't pull what the people next door are pulling and actually meet in good faith with the abutters, I wish them well. Not being an abutter, it sounds like a good project.

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The amount of apartments they are trying to build around the HP and Readville stations is going to make the area over congested. Traffic is already a nightmare.

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