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Three decker catches on fire on Woolson Street in Mattapan

Smoke at 47 Woolston St.

Boston firefighters responded to 47 Woolson St. around 9:15 p.m. for what became a three-alarm fire.

The fire started on a rear porch, then spread to the second and third floors.

At 9:30 p.m., firefighters were ordered off the roof. A few minutes after that, firefighters were ordered out of the building.

Firefighters entered adjoining buildings with hoses to keep the fire from spreading.

The Boston Fire Department reports 22 people were displaced.

Photo by BFD:

Woolson Street fire



That's the second fire in less than a week in about a 1 block radius. I hope this isn't going to be like Roxbury in the 1980's.

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Cold-related is much more likely. Stop fearmongering.

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I lived in the flat lands of Roxbury. The hills were on fire. A little kid but I could see the smoke.

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Not like the welfare riot. I saw the flames then. Still a little kid.

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