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Three-family house on Cambridge Street in Allston could make way for 22-unit apartment building

Rendering of proposed 582 Cambridge Street

Rendering by Monte French Design Studio.

A Coolidge Corner developer has proposed replacing a three-family house at 582 Cambridge St. in Allston with a $6-million, four-story, 22-unit apartment building.

Under the proposal, the company will combine both the house lot and a vacant lot next to it for construction.

In its filing with the BPDA, Odessit Capital has proposed 12 parking spaces and a roof deck.

Odessit hopes to begin construction in the summer of 2022, with the building ready for occupancy by fall, 2023.

582 Cambridge St. filings and calendar.

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Not a bad design but those apartments are going to be kind of small I guess.

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Studio: 466.8 SF
One Bedroom: 631.1 SF to 756.7 SF
Two Bedroom: 974.6 SF to 1,035.3 SF
Three Bedroom: 1,115.1 SF

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A 4-story building...and it won't be finished for over a YEAR. When did this country forget how to make things efficiently?

What? Did they just find a guy and his son to do all the electrical work?

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Stuff is hard to get right now, globally, including building materials.

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We're always hearing about a shortage of labor in the construction industry. It's a valid and well paying career (any of the trades) that not enough kids are pointed to in their formative years.

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two of which are:
* Permitting.
* Following safety measures during construction so that people get to go home at the end of each day.

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Is going to put 20 cars out on the streets.

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Until then, I expect many of the residents-to-be will use the 66, 57, 64, or B line to get around. When I lived around the corner from this location, I never drove anywhere unless I was leaving the city. If my apartment hadn't come with a spot, I would have sold my car.

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Do you live here?

This is up the street from me and from my casual observations of living here for over a decade its not an issue.

Our roommate doesn't have issues but does have the option of using the street/driveway, its just a driveway thats first come first serve but the need for on street has not been an issue.

Charging market rate for those free permits would be something to discuss further but no, lets just oppose any and all housing because it doesn't have enough car storage.

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