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That time the queen and her consort walked through Boston City Hall

Queen Elizabeth, Kevin White and Prince Philip

Photo from the Boston City Archives.

In 1976, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Boston as part of her tour of the former colonies on the 200th anniversary of that unpleasantness. Then, as always, the prince had to walk behind the queen, and, in this case, behind even Kevin White, on a tour of City Hall (he's walking with Kitty Dukakis). In addition to marveling at all that brutalist concrete, the queen and the prince got to enjoy cake.

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Meanwhile in Belfast, Her Majesty's loyal troops were backing up the RUC in their reign of terror, and Bobby Sands was beginning the most important part of his career, which ended in his 1981 martyr's death in a hunger strike.

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Never forget, the woman who got her job because of her father's sperm selection was head of a government that worked with thugs to subdue a native population fighting for civil rights.

PS - It is still going on this week.

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It's as if he just spotted a naked man in a window.

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Best comment of the day!

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on Prince Philip’s left and Kathryn White is on hidden on his right. Terrific pics.

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Fixed. They wore similar hats that day, but, yes, Dukakis was in the darker hat.

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My Dad and Godfather were in the choir thqt sang for her.

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Mayor White’s comb-over is of epic proportions.a site to behold indeed.

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