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Two charged for January stabbing murder outside Southampton Street shelter; one arrested with heroin outside the shelter this morning, police say

Boston Police report arresting David Robinson, 48, of Roxbury, this morning outside the city shelter on Southampton Street - where he is now charged with helping murder Richard Ghiozzi of Medford on Jan. 4.

Police say Robinson will also be charged with trafficking heroin for the drugs they say officers found on him after they arrested him shortly before 8 a.m.

A second man, Robert Jamison, 44, was also charged with Ghiozzi's stabbing death. He was already behind bars on other charges, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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Y'know times are rough when The Admiral gets bagged selling that horse

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Not making much coin hanging out in the AT&T store with Lily and talking about network security

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What is Mayor Janey doing about the shit show that is Mass/ Cass?

What is Gov Baker doing?

What areour State Reps & Senators doing? Chang- Diaz? Michlewitz? Santiago?

We need;

  • Open Shattuck ASAP as a shelter & rehab
  • Heavy police presence. We can't arrest every addict, but we can arrest every dealer.
  • Daily sreet sweeping. The "residents" litter and leave the area disgusting.
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Heavy police presence. We can't arrest every addict, but we can arrest every dealer.

LOLOLOL THAT'S SOME FUNNY SHIT (willsmithlaughing.gif)

See my post from the other day. THE POLICE DO NOT CARE. They are too busy protecting their 'brothers' to care about doing their job.

As I've said before, I live on a street who has similar activity. As I've said before I CAN NAME AND IDENTIFY THE DRUG DEALER AND HIS HOME ADDRESS... yet police do not care. My camera picks up so many drug deals, I've created a little video of all of them. Over 2 hours long of clips I've collected IN THE PAST YEAR.

I've repeated emailed and called the police asking if they want video and I get "we'll get back to you". And its crickets. When I press the issue, I get "well the DA will just let them out again so they will be back selling".

So the police are blaming Rollins. Police don't do their job.

So let me reiterate to you.. THE POLICE DO NOT CARE

And frankly its starting to make me wonder if the police are some how involved. Seems like my street would be an easy win.. but apparently not.

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The police work for the Mayor. So it seems to me, it's up to the Mayor to set BPDs high level priorities. (And I guess your street doesn't cut it)

Of course, Acting Mayor Janey is proposing to cut police OT, which seems at odds with keeping a heavy presence on this one corner. Hopefully the social workers will figure it out. (seriously).

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Well, isn't it true that drug dealers will not be charged? What's the point of arresting them?

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I'd dig up the DA's list of things she'd decline to prosecute for, but that would take a couple of minutes and you wouldn't care anyway. But drug dealing is not on the list.

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Well!! You might be right about the police not caring. A friend of mine witnessed a murder and remained on scene until the police arrived. He advised the police of what house the murderer went into. The police never entered said home or questioned any one at the residence. He followed up with the information and still nothing. To this day, no one has been arrested or charged for the murder. Then the police will say the community doesn’t provide information. I have often wondered if the police were involved.

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Please Please don't send the all the addicts to Shattuck. You'd just be moving them from one neighborhood to another. And I don't want them in my neighborhood.

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To anyone leaving rude & ignorant comments under this post - do you know how disrespectful that is to the victims family? Do you have any idea how emotional this is? My cousin deserves justice and the police caught his murderers. Go start a thread somewhere else if you have something to say. Have some respect.

RIP Richie. Love you so much.

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I was thinking the same thing.

To make a joke about the loss of life is exceptionally cold-hearted and disrespectful, probably made by people who are extremely insulated from the violence that some of our neighborhoods experience daily.

I am truly sorry for your loss.

- a Boston Cop

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I don't even get the "joke" they are making.

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