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Two more charged for Methadone Mile murder

Boston Police report arresting two more men - one in New Hampshire - for the stabbing murder of Ricardo Garcia at Massachusetts Avenue and Peirson Street on Aug 8.

Karonn Brown, 49, was arrested at his Mattapan home this morning, police say. BPD detectives, along with ATF agents and US marshals arrested Derrell Sanford, 26, of Boston, in New Hampshire. Both now face murder charges, as does Dravon Robinson of Everett, arrested the week after Garcia's murder.

Garcia is one of five fatal stabbing victims in the area around Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard this year.

Innocent, etc.


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Is mayor at the time should be charged along with Quincy’s mayor, the district Representative, and whichever snotball academic at BU is watching over the unfolding massacres.

It’s never *anybody’s* fault, is it?? We don’t want to “stigmatize addiction,” do we? Let’s have some more meetings, and another “initiative.”

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While they haven’t been convicted, it would appear that the DA thinks it’s *somebody’s* fault.

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Unless you have some actual quotations on this case that speak to the contrary, I think it's fairly undisputed that murder is still murder. I don't want us to continue to stigmatize addiction, because that is counterproductive. But we're talking about murder here.

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BPD detectives, along with ATF agents and US marshals Derrell Sanford, 26, of Boston, in New Hampshire.

Umm, what?

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Why someone from Boston was up in NH I cannot answer.

As for the federal agencies, there is a regional fugitive task force focused on anti-drug efforts:https://www.usmarshals.gov/district/ma/taskforces/index.html

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Sorry, I managed to leave that word out of the sentence. It's now there.

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