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Union Square residents won't be taking the Green Line home for Christmas

The MBTA announced today that the first scheduled service on the Green Line Extension to Union Square won't be until at least March of next year.

The T blames "challenges reaching productivity targets for the completion of the project’s first traction power substation as well as other key construction and testing activities" for the delay. Previously, the T had hoped to begin service to the stub line to Union Square by December.

The T adds:

Traction power substations provide electric power to operate Green Line trains along GLX. While work has been proceeding, the project encountered productivity challenges in completing the electrical work for GLX’s first traction power substation. As the project finishes some remaining work within the substation, functional testing of the electrical and communication components of the system is well underway.

But what about the main part of the extension, to Medford? The T didn't say if there's anything that could hold up its opening, still listed for May, 2022.


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Which is usually fine with me, but there's a part of me that wishes I could have a grandchild who might someday get to take THEIR grandchildren on a Green Line extension ride into Somerville in 2091 or so

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Globe says the substation is not big enough for concurrent work to be performed by the desired number of people. Another swing and a miss for the design center that brought you the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

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I couldn't tell if they were trying to use COVID as an excuse. As in, it can't have enough trades workers who are all 6ft apart. If that's what they are saying, it's a pretty dated excuse.

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It is? I haven't heard about COVID being declared finished.

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Anyone know if there are still plans to build the bike lane along the T? Is the opening date for that the same?

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Friends of the Community Path website seems to stop getting updates in 2018
Although I have seen some postings on Facebook recently.

Wikipedia page says "late 2021".
You can follow the links to see how well that is backed up by outside sources.

City of Somerville created this presentation in April of this year. So that suggests they are going to finish it.

Somerville is improving a park near the path (Sept 2021).

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If you take the Lowell Line, you can see where it is being constructed. All of it is graded. Some of it is paved and being used for construction access. I would expect it to open along with the rest of the Medford Branch some time in 2043 or so.

(In reality, I'd guess Medford opens next fall. Still a lot of work to do and, uh, winter is coming.)

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or two months after the Green Line branch that it parallels

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Maryellen send your amazing wildlife and nature photos now. I need them to get my mind off MBTA fails, crime, violence, and other daily occurremces which all levels of government don't implement positive change to.

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somehow this is bev scotts fault.

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