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Unlike Harvard, Northeastern to stay fully open in January

Northeastern News reports officials made the decision for "ongoing commitment to maintaining the continuity of learning and research, while keeping the community safe."

Harvard last week announced it was shifting as many things as possible to online for the first three weeks due to rapidly rising coronavirus rates, although the bulk of its undergraduate students don't return to campus for classes until Jan. 24.

All Northeastern students and staff are required to show proof of a booster shot by Jan. 18. In a statement, Chancellor Ken Henderson said that, plus other measures, such as continued masking, should protect people on campus:

For lifelong learners and researchers alike, he said, it has been clear during the pandemic that in-person learning, working, and discovering is invaluable and unrivaled.

Henderson's message to Northeastern community.


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And they have 0 professors in a federal lockup.

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