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We're back to things getting canceled: Garth Brooks puts off October show at Gillette

The country singer announced today he's canceling his shows at Gillette and elsewhere due to Covid-19, WBZ reports.



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I booked a few days out of town in early October (not for Garth Brooks, to be sure), which ought to be right about when the next round of lockdowns kicks in

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The vaccinated states will not lock down again.


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I can see a fall lockdown here and in NYC (where my plans will take me), and watching us all hunker down and give up bars, live music, and fun, while hourly flights arrive from Phoenix and Tampa to keep this going indefinitely

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What about ye olde annual foot race?

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Them of the respiring, perspiring, heavy breathing and occasional bodily fluid deposits onto yards & streets? Shhhhh - we shall not speak of it!!!!

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I don't need a PhD in epidemiology to read about Israel with its higher vaccination rate and see that we have another surge coming. Are there contingency plans for another year of remote/hybrid learning?

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