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West Roxbury bagel shop closes; owners hoping to find somebody to take it over

Local 338 Bagels and Coffee, 1727 Centre Street in West Roxbury, has closed, Neal Doyle reports.

"Hopefully there will be new details soon" on a possible new owner, a sign in the store's door says.

The shop, which opened in 2017, had frozen bagels shipped up from New York, for final preparation at the shop. It was named for the former bagel makers union in New York.

The closing leaves the Bruegger's on VFW Parkway as West Roxbury's sole bagel place.

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I think if you find the right map, Exodus is in West Roxbury, isn't it?

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Thers is so e question about the neighborhood on the other side of the tracks and the Belbue train station, but Exodus is definitely in Roslindale.

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After I posted this, I tried to find the map I thought I remembered showing a little leg of WR sticking down between the train tracks and Belgrade but couldn't find it. A figment of my imagination apparently.

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Which I remember from awhile ago when it came up after some kid was hit by a train near there.

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The former car dealership that was destine to be a school at one time has always been in Roslindale. The line that divides West Roxbury from Roslindale is the West Roxbury Parkway. Anything south of that is West Roxbury.

The cluster of stores where the bagel shop is/was and A&N Pizza is addressed in Roslindale. Then just south and west of there it turns into West Roxbury.

There is one odd jog along VFW Parkway between West Roxbury Parkway and Independence Drive that is actually Brookline. It's only a few hundred feet in length, but nonetheless it is Brookline.

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