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Western suburbs are booming

At 10:53 p.m., rusto88 reported:

Big boom over Maynard, MA a few minutes ago… clear skies… meteor?

Reports of booms also came in from Stow and Framingham and Sudbury.


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We are in leading hours of the peak of the Leonid Meteor shower. Sometimes this particular meteor shower becomes a meteor storm event with hundreds or thousands of meteors per hour. I think the mystery boom was caused by a meteor.

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The planet just Storrowed itself?

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whats the difference ?

also: meteor; comet; asteroid ?

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Meteors, comets and asteroids are all quite different, in size and composition. Meteors are quite dense but also typically smallish, and most often burn up entirely in the atmosphere. Comets can be large but are really low density compared to meteors and asteroids, having a composition that's mostly ice, gases and small particles -- I once read a description of comets as "foamy", dunno how accurate that is or if it was just artistic license. Asteroids are typically not as dense as a meteor, but they make up for it in size -- they're the biggest of the three. They're the scary "extinction level event" flying rocks -- if you look at the Chelyabinsk asteroid recently or the Tunguska asteroid about a hundred years ago, and see how much damage they did, and then realize that they were relatively small for asteroids...well, asteroids are what happened to the dinosaurs.

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It was actually the Rapture. If you're reading this, sorry, you didn't qualify.

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...we're officially the cool kids?

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The Lord seems to have left quite a few jerkwads around to keep the rest of us company. In fact the Rapture seems to have been a bit of a fizzle.

I’m okay with that. At least it provides me with material for my next attempt to crack the C&W charts, “Jesus Came, But He Only Took My Dog”.

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