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What a difference a year makes - and a lot of vaccine

Sale on masks

Look at the discount on face masks at Robert Orthman's local Star Market.

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And Lysol wipes, unavailable a year ago, are now as common as unwiped dirt.

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This I'm so happy about! I'm a single guy and live alone. Sometimes I break out the big stuff for house cleaning but honestly my routine used to be but a tub of these bad boys and over the course of a month use it up doing spot cleaning or if I was cleaning the bathroom I'd attach them to a Swiffer arm. So when the pandemic hit it really knocked my routine off as I couldn't see wasting something worth more than gold on cleaning the underside of my toilet.

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Walgreens had an entire rack of discounted hand sanitizer they were trying to sell the other day at super cheap prices. It's definitely a surreal time!

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I just placed a several box order of masks a few weeks ago. I'm going to have enough masks for projects at home for years at this rate.

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You may need them. Sorry to burst the happy bubble but this virus is mutating in other parts of the world and can easily start another pandemic. Not out of the woods no matter how hard we want to think it.

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When I asked her why, she sheepishly explained that she'd ordered way too many.

I'm still wearing my (comfortable, washable cloth) masks on the T indefinitely, and will likely rock them during cold and flu season as well.

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We're doing everything to encourage another surge. Only 50% of MA is vaccinated so there's a50/50 chance that the unmasked person you meet hasn't been vaccinated. Add to that the new variants (including the really contagious India variant) can infect the vaccinated, no mask restrictions, no occupancy restrictions, and people pretending that it's over, and we have the perfect recipe for helping this to continue. We aren't in the clear until ALL countries have a high percentage of vaccinated population. We are no where near that target. We will be wearing masks next Fall/Winter and likely working from home again. I'm going to continue to wear masks (fully vaccinated) until this is really over, not pretend over because there's a holiday weekend coming up. So stupid to catch this this far into being careful.

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