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What's shaking, Dorchester? Seafood, if board approves

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let the owner of a Roslindale restaurant that specializes in shaken seafood in a bag expand into Dorchester by taking over a Vietnamese seafood place on Dorchester Avenue that closed due to Covid-19 last year.

Shi Zhong Lin wants to take over the former Tri Seafood at 1616 Dorchester Ave. and re-open it as Shaking Seafood, which offers a Cajun take on crawfish, crab, lobster and other seafood, which are put in a bag with spices and other ingredients, cooked and then served.

Attorney Meihuei Hu said the 36-seat location would not take much work to get ready for the new restaurant. She estimated that 60% of the new restaurant's business would consist of takeout.


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That's too bad... I liked Tri Seafood and their owner. This new place sounds pretty cool though, I'm a huge fan of crawfish and think this concept sounds kind of fun.

Voting closed 9