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When you're walking around Jamaica Pond and a jam session breaks out

JP Honk on Pinebank Promontory

JP Honk performed in a socially-distanced circle this afternoon on Pinebank Promontory, overlooking Jamaica Pond.

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I've seen a group of folks with large horns over by the garden plots near the Condon Shell. Is that also a HONK! group?

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I loved seeing (hearing) them practice when going home in the fall and early winter but I haven't seen them since. Are they back?

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JP Honk has been rehearsing in and around JP. We have tried to keep to and respect social distancing measures and as such haven't publicized much about where we are rehearsing to the public. It is and always will be our greatest pleasure to play for people live and in person and we are delighted to surprise and entertain folks who happen to come upon us from time to time. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for what we do!

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I would love it if while on a walk I discovered a band like this playing, they're great!

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They used to frequently perform outside the Stonybrook Orange Line T station. Such a welcome surprise.

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Still illegal in Massachusetts, socially-distanced or not.

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I am interested in the law and want to be sure of the statutes. Can you please share the law citing this? Thank you!

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