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Woman fatally shot in the head in Chelsea; residents urged to stay inside

Suspect in Chelsea shooting

Shooting suspect. Surveillance photo via Chelsea PD.

Update: The victim, 19, died.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes reports a woman was shot in the head on Garfield Avenue tonight.

Police are looking for a white person, with long blonde hair in a pony tail, wearing a black puffy coat, who ran away on Wesley Street toward Rte. 16.

The victim was taken to Mass. General in critical condition.

Kyes asked residents to stay inside.

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But better yet, why is she wearing a winter jacket with the humidity we’ve had recently?

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Because sagging is cool, but makes it hard to run.

That's not a bouncing high pony, it's a smudge on the window.

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But no, this photo is not representative of the most egregious examples I've seen in Boston.
Meanwhile lets focus on the victim and the family of the victim. Someone is suffering tonight.

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Cyndell Rodriguez of Chelsea. Doesn't sound very white to me Adam. I know white shaming is popular but in this case you failed.

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Cyndell Rodriguez was the victim. As for the hue of the offender, look at the picture.

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That hair doesn't look blonde to me.

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