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World's longest sardine can is peeled open on Storrow Drive

If you're going to storrow, do it in style with an 18-wheeler: WBZ has some video of the driver doing the Backup of Shame after losing the top of his trailer at Mass. Ave. One point deducted for not having tons of stuff to spill all over the road, though.

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That'll buff right out. Also, in before all the wiseacres start moaning about "students" driving U-Hauls with their blinders on. This video should put to rest all rumors concerning who's responsible for the vast majority of Storrowings.

And why isn't "Should you take Storrow Drive?" the very first question on all CDL driver's tests?

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How fast was he going?!? I know that metal is relatively thin, but he almost made a clean-sweep of that trailer!

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Ok but that was hours ago. WTF are there 40 helicopters circling Allston?

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Hazmat incident at the Stop & Shop.

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These are the same dumb fuckers who aren’t paying attention and run over bicyclists

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Love that a sign saying "CARS ONLY" is draped over the top of the distracted driver's truck. Storrow needs to be removed and returned to parkland, its use as the free alternative to 90 is not working.

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a truckload of sardines.

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It probably wouldn't have the pork and beans.

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