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You can always tell a Harvard man; you just can't tell him not to become prime minister of Bulgaria

The Crimson provides an exhaustive look at how two leaders of a Bulgarian party that swept to power this month went to the Business School - including the attempt to smear them when Harvard College told some reporters the two hadn't gone there; the subtleties of the difference between the College and the Business School being lost on some outlets several thousand miles away.



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Anyone inquiring if someone received a degree from them should get an answer like:

"[name] received a [whatever degree] from HArvard College in ###" or
"[name] received a [whatever Master's degree] from [Harvard Business SChool/Harvard Medical School/etc..."

But Harvard does things oddly. My father got an MBA from Harvard in the 1950s. I went with him to one of his reunions and Harvard had set up each person's class picture in a display. I couldn't recognize anyone - including my father. When I mentioned that to my father and his friends, they explained that the pictures were of another class that graduated that same year. My father's class was in a "different class for veterans".

What? Why would veterans be separated into a different class? I didn't ask the alumni there. They clearly were disappointed so I didn't pursue the topic.

Gotta wonder if donations from my father's class took a dip after that insult.

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Vassilev did go to Harvard for undergrad. They both went to HBS.

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