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You run a party house, you're not going to get city approval to add a roof deck, zoning board affirms again

The Zoning Board of Appeals today rejected a request to add a roof deck to a triple decker at 221 L St., between East 8th Street and Marine Road in South Boston.

The board voted unanimously after the mayor's office and aides to City Councilors Ed Flynn, Michael Flaherty and Annissa Essaibi George recommended denial based on complaints from neighbors about noise from parties at the address. An aide to Flynn said the noise "increased significantly during the pandemic."

In May, the board rejected plans for a deck at 25 Dorchester St., also in South Boston, because of similar neighborhood party concerns.

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Cases of beer, tons of weed! Pretty girls, loud music!

How about those masks?
Did they bring enough med masks?

You can forget reality but reality won't forget you.

Request Denied.

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for being an A-Hole.

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When I look up Code Violations a few come up and when I search for 311 complaints and leave off "st" and include "South Boston" 28 reports come up.



And calls to BPD do not end up in the 311 database.

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Calling 311 for noise complaints is a waste of time. The police were called to that address on more than one occasion. Request Denied.

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But most problem houses have many, many 311 complaints lodged against them regardless. It's a good indicator of whether the people at the property have been loud in the past.

Also, the 311 system is used to log internal city communications too. For example, the "Loud parties/Music/People" category can't be submitted by regular residents, but is used by the city to track stuff like this.

Looks at 796 East 4th street, for example.

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What the other person said. Noise and party complaints are best made via 911, not 311.

And before you try to argue that that's a misuse of 911, here's the official word from the City of Boston:

Please call 9-1-1 if you have a concern about noise related to:
car alarms
loud parties, or
sound amplification devices.

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