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15-unit condo building approved for Dorchester's Meeting House Hill

22 High Street rendering

Rendering by Zephyr Architects.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved South Boston developer Ricky Beliveau's plans for a 15 condos atop a 15-car garage at 22 High St. on Dorchester's Meeting House Hill.

The building will have roof decks. Roughly 11,000 square feet of the 17,948-square-foot lot will remain as open space.

Two of the units will be sold as affordable.

22 High St. filings.

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not the worst thing I've ever seen. are the life sciences in that rear structure?

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At least it doesn't look like a big square box. I love Dorchester's huge Victorians. They are so nice to look at with detailed craftsmanship.

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That's a pretty building.

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A mansard roof with trim.
It needs more affordable units though.

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the minimum amount of parking.

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