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15-year-old charged as part of group that beat two men at Shawmut Red Line stop

Transit Police report arresting a 15-year-old for his alleged role in an attempted knifepoint robbery of two men at the Shawmut Red Line station on Monday that ended with several teens punching the men in the head.

This investigation is ongoing and we anticipate further arrests will be made relative to this matter.

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Anyone who attacks the elderly at 15 is mentally deranged and likely beyond repair.

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No reform schools anymore.


From what I read in the .pdf I linked to DYS incarceration seems to have the same effect as the old Training Schools AKA Reform Schools used to have on youth offenders. Which is the almost the same effect as just sending young offenders to adult incarceration centers. I wonder if there will ever be an answer to youth crime and punishment?

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