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2022 comes in with a boom

Fireworks over Boston Harbor

Matt Conti had the best seat for the foggy First Night fireworks over Boston Harbor at midnight.

David Parson, meanwhile, watched the 7 p.m. family fireworks over Boston Common and the Public Garden:

Fireworks over the Public Garden

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Crab reading a book

Maria M. took in the ice crab reading a book outside the Copley Square library.

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If not, where?

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Some of the office buildings in the area and most of the newer residential towers have roof decks that face toward the harbor.

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looks about right. The exposure looks kind of long for a drone.

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The first one, I mean, though some of the others are great, too.

This is an excellent illustration of the Blade Runner Principle: no matter how cool the future looks, when you get there, it's not the future any more.

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