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Account skimmer found at Tropical Foods on Melnea Cass Boulevard

Wanted for Tropical Foods skimmer

Boston Police report they are looking for a Yankees fan and a pal they say put a "skimmer" on one of the devices where customers would enter their debit or credit cards at Tropical Foods, 450 Melnea Cass Blvd. in Roxbury.

Skimmers, designed to fit on top of an ATM or other card reader and look like the normal front of the device, capture account information from unsuspecting users.

The Yankees fan is described as a light-skinned male, White or Hispanic, with a beard and dressing in all black. The other guy, suspected of attaching the skimmer, has a similar description, except he wore a white fitted hat and a light-colored zip-up hoodie.

If they look familiar, contact detectives at 617-343-4275.



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is Derek Jeter, and the other guy is Bucky Dent.

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Not funny

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