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After police grab man's butt crack, DA moves to confiscate the money they also found on him

A Mattapan man charged with selling crack and fentanyl he was storing in plastic bags clenched in his buttocks at Mass and Cass could lose the $1,401 police say they found in his jacket pockets at booking.

In a filing in Suffolk Superior Court yesterday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office asked a judge to order the money held pending the outcome of the man's trial, under the state's property-forfeiture law.

According to the request, BPD drug-unit officers monitoring goings on at Atkinson and Southampton streets on March 27 spotted the man "huddled with a group of people." As they watched, he would put his hand down the rear of his sweatpants, then move his hand in his sweatpants to the front, at which point he would put his other hand down into his sweatpants and maneuvered his hands around "as if he was trying to separate something." He then pulled out one hand holding something, which he would hand over to one of the people around him, who would then hand him cash, which he would put in one of his jacket pockets. He repeated the process with different people, and these times, the officers could see he was handing over "a white mass."

The officers, who said they know from experience that drug dealers often conceal their wares in the back of their pants, eventually moved in and arrested him and brought him to a BPD station for booking:

Upon searching [his] person during booking, officers recovered a large mass within a plastic bag (approximately the size of a golf ball) containing what they believed to be "crack" cocaine and protruding from his buttocks. [The man] was observed clenching his buttocks to avoived the believed narcotics from falling out and refused to give it to officers when they asked. When officers further examined the bag, they noticed it contained seven smaller plastic bags of believed "crack" cocaine, along with one plastic bag of believed fentanyl. The approximate net weight of the believed "crack" cocaine was 20g (packaged) and the approximate weight of the believed fentanyl was 7g.

If the forfeiture request is approved and the man does not contest and is found guilty, BPD and the DA's office would eventually split the money.

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not to smoke that shit.

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Is that why they call it crack?

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is wack.

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The government sanctioned open-air drug and sex trade market is alive and well.


More false promises from the new mayor, similar to the last one.

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What are you personally doing about it?

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His clients don't care where the shit's been. They just wanna get high.

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