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Alewife T station pulls a mini-Hancock; windows just fall out on their own

Cambridge Day reports why windows on the Russell Field side of the station now consist of plywood instead of glass.

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Was built on a swamp and a toxic waste dump owned by WR Grace. The station is sinking slowly into swampland which could be one of the reasons the windows buckled.

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Once absentee leader Charlie Baker finally skulks off the scene it's going to take tremendous new leadership along with significant budget increases to the operating fund to rescue the T. Lets hope Healy and the legislature are up to it, but I'm not feeling any sense of urgency coming from the state house so far.

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I guess it’s better than all those ceiling tiles falling down.

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I'm sure the rest of the station's structural integrity is fine.

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If I ever become a statistic in a "that never fell down before" incident*, I am certain it will be in Alewife station or garage.

*this is a thing that was actually said by a building supervisor when an ornamental stone fixture fell off a building at Columbia University and killed someone

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… was supposed to serve the development that was supposed be be built on the east side of the parkway on land that contains various levels of toxins. Apparently there is now some movement on that redevelopment that may also involve some remediation. If and when that happens, I expect that headhouse will see some considerable rehabilitation.

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