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Allston man charged with beating puppy hard enough to break the dog's bones

A Glenville Avenue resident is facing two counts of animal cruelty after police responding to a report from another resident of "loud bangs and a puppy shrieking" found a young pit bull that had a fractured bone in his left hind leg - in addition to other fractures and skin lesions - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

At his recent arraignment, Zodus Hollis, 42, was released on his own recognizance, but ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from domestic animals, the DA's office says.

Hollis's arrest came following an investigation that started Jan. 7, when somebody called the MSPCA to report the banging and puppy shrieking from his apartment, the DA's office reports.

Last month, a Dorchester man was charged with choking a chihuahua and tossing it in a dryer set to high.

Innocent, etc.



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Why do people suck so bad? Why hurt a dog like this.. just surrender it to the MSCPA, they'll find it a loving home.

We really need a pet registry or something so these folks can't get access to pets again. And really high penalties (read: Jail Time) for hurting a helpless animal like that.

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will he be 100 yards away from domestic animals? not on glenville. maybe put him in a tent down on western ave where harvard has all those empty lots they are building on? or nashua street.

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Although I have no problem with the human savagery, I wish you would just make the headline “animal cruelty” so I could scroll through without learning the deets.

Men can be so horrible.

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