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Allston watering hole to re-open under new management on Friday

Brandon Bowser reports the Silhouette, 200 Brighton Ave. in Allston, will be re-opening at 4 p.m. on Friday.

Longtime owner Joseph Eliseo announced last fall he was selling the place because, with his 80th birthday approaching, it was time to retire.

Fred Starikov, a principal of City Realty in Brookline who, along with partners, has been building up a portfolio of Boston-area dives for several years now, bought the Silhouette and promised the Boston Licensing Board he would make no changes.

Starikov's bar-buying concern, the Greatest Boston Bar Co., has sold off a couple of the bars, most recently, the Beacon Hill Pub on Charles Street, whose new owner is planning to gut the place to create something way more upscale.

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Nature is healing!

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Oh my God save the Fireside Tavern in JP! Please!! I generally am ok with accepting change, but don't take away my historic dive gem. It's the only one left in JP now.

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We've still got Costellos, even in its new incarnation. Plus, I think there's a good argument to be made that the Galway is a dive. Plus we've got the Jeanie Johnston and the Behan, which are also toeing the dive line.

While I don't think they are as purely divey as the Fireside (or the Old Stag, or the Drinking Fountain, or Triple D's) I think they're the best that can survive in our current economy.

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Some good news in a sea of disappointment. Hope it lasts.

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…. in Forest Hills and another door opens in a watering hole in Allston.

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I’m curious why anon’s comments are posted at the time they are saved rather than at the time they are approved and actually enter the conversation.
Nothing against anons. Just wondering.

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If so ...

When I was young (well, younger), and all idealistic and bushy-tailed, I set up UHub so all comments would get posted live.

Then the spammers flooded in. And then the trollers and right-wing foamers flooded in.

I'd had an earlier forum site I ran destroyed by the latter (it eventually became basically the same three people screaming into what had become a void) and damned if I were going to let that happen again (as for spammers, I don't see much of it anymore, maybe it's the gazillion anti-spam modules I have running at once that blocks it).

So anonymous comments go into a queue, where I have to approve them first. People with accounts, though, for the most part are not angry spittle hurlers, so their comments go up right away

I'm probably not perfect at it, and I can sometimes now go days before I get to the queue and then, after reading my tenth straight comment from a Trump licker, I take a deep breath and go do something else. If I miss a legitimate comment, my apologies. And if the very sight of my user name drives you nuts or is your proof I'm a devil-worshipping Commie Jew, well, ha ha, fuck you, I'm not the one who just spent five minutes banging out some obscenity-laced comment that will never go public and then you can't help yourself and you do it all over day after day and then it takes me less than a second to bulk delete all your crap (the preceding was NOT aimed at the person who asked me the question, just getting this off my chest).

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Everybody should give you $5 right now just for this comment.

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That sounds toxic and sorry you have to go through it.
I didn’t mean “aren’t”. But no matter.

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I took the question to regard the date stamp matching the time and date when the comment is submitted, rather than when it is published (approved). That's something that has always seemed odd to me, too, particularly because it often leads discussion to be out of sequence. There are probably multiple layers of technical complexity driving the result, and with all the things on Adam's plate, it's not something worth tweaking in my opinion.

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That this site puts into comment moderation. She can post a pic of eating a donut and the comments will be teeming with trolls spouting vitriol from the mildly offensive/untrue to the downright racist. I one time reported a few but eventually had to just stop looking at comments on her posts. It's kinda sad really.

Thanks UHUB for not letting the comments be a hot garbage pile

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I appreciate the comment moderation, and you post pretty much every comment i make (and think to check back on). that said, will there be an option to sign up again in the future? I had an account like 5 years ago, but i forgot the password and now i can't recover it, nor can i seemingly set up a new account.

again, you post my comments, so my aim here is to save you the work of approving my comments, not gripe about your process (which is needed, trolls are the worst)

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Adam, I'd like to express thanks for allowing anonymous comments. Even though there are calls to end the practice from time to time, I find that anons often have insightful things to say, if I don't say so myself.

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