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Allston's newest mural honors life of murdered transgender woman

The Harvard Crimson paints the picture of the new mural honoring Rita Hester at 506 Cambridge St. in Allston. Hester's 1998 murder led to the creation of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

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i knew Rita. she was a regular at Mollys where she loved to dance and she lit up the room. sometimes she danced with guys that had no idea she was transgender and some of these guys got angry when they were made aware. some think this could have played a role in her death. the cops treated her murder like it was a joke. one of my first dates with my future wife was the memorial parade for Rita from the Model Cafe to her apartment on Park Vale ave. my suburban dwelling wife was quite confused about why i was bringing her to such an event? that night was also the first time my wife met Mr Butch! i think she understood pretty quickly that i came from a pretty interesting and diverse neighborhood. the mural is great and i hope whoever did kill Rita does have to go by it everyday and maybe it will lead to more discussion about her tragic end and some long awaited answers.

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I knew her from hanging out at the Model Cafe. She lit up the room there too! She was a friendly person. Her murder was horrible. I really hope the killer or killers are found someday and brought to justice.

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