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Angry Cambridge man used machete to cut woman's hair, then barricaded himself in his home, police say

Cambridge Police report a Gore Street man will face several charges when he's released from the hospital following an attack on a woman last night.

Police say that around 7 p.m., somebody called 911 to report a man and woman, known to each other, were arguing outside an East Cambridge apartment - and that the man was using "a large knife to cut the victim’s hair." The woman managed to escape before police arrived.

According to police:

The defendant then returned to his Gore Street residence and barricaded himself inside the home. Tactical Units and Crisis Negotiators were brought to the scene and a perimeter was secured around the home. Roads were closed in the immediate area and a loud speaker was utilized in an effort to make contact with the defendant. A family member and friend of the family exited the home and officers were able to speak with them further about the situation. Members of the Cambridge Police Special Response Team later successfully entered the home and were able to take the defendant into custody. While in the home, officers were also able to recover a machete.

Police say that they eventually found the victim and transported her to a local hospital for observation.

Police say that after his hospital discharge, the man will be summonsed to Cambridge District Court to face charges including armed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Police say they did not disclose the man's name because he is still in the hospital and has yet to be formally charged.

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Please tell me he is a least in restraints while in the hospital.

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