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Children's Hospital employee sues over firing for refusal to get Covid-19 shots

A technician who helped administer EEG exams at Boston Children's Hospital today sued over her firing in December for refusing to get Covid-19 shots.

In her lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Boston, now former EEG technician Judy Martin says the hospital should have given her a medical exemption because she might be allergic to a particular chemical used in the vaccines. She says she suffered problems, including temporary blindness in one eye, after she had gotten a shot against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis - and that vaccine, like Covid-19 vaccines, contains polysorbate 80.

This means she has a disability and so the hospital discriminated against her under the Americans with Disabilities Act, her suit charges.

By terminating Plaintiff’s employment for her not being injected with a medically unnecessary product containing an ingredient also found in a product that had previously caused her to suffer harm, Defendant discriminated against Plaintiff on the basis of disability. ...

By terminating Plaintiff’s employment based on the erroneous perception that Plaintiff was more susceptible to catching a disease than other employees, Defendant discriminated against Plaintiff on the basis of her disability.

Unlike Tara Harmon, an RN at Boston Medical Center who also sued her hospital last month after she was also fired for refusing Covid-19 shots, Martin is not claiming any religious reasons for avoiding shots.

But like Harmon, Martin's complaint doesn't just stop at her main claim, but goes on for several pages about how, allegedly, Covid-19 vaccines all suck and don't stop the disease, even if the might lessen its severity or spread, and so are pointless. Both Harmon and Martin are represented by Peter Vickery, an attorney in Amherst.

Martin is seeking back wages current wages, damages and attorneys' fees.

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just payback all the unemployment and Covid money you received.

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"... that vaccine, like Covid-19 vaccines, contains polysorbate 80."

The AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines contain polysorbate 80, but the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contain polyethylene glycol, which is a different compound. Some people are allergic to both compounds but that is rare.

The paper cited in footnote 1 of the plaintiff's complaint actually explains this, and recommends that people with polysorbate 80 allergies get a vaccine that uses polyethylene glycol. (See Figure 1 toward the end of the paper.)

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but she undercuts it by adding in all the stuff cited in this post's penultimate paragraph.

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