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Another long line at Jackson Square testing site; new testing site in Allston to open tomorrow

Ashley reports people were lining up outside the Anna Cole Community Center Covid-19 testing site well before it opened at noon:

The line for testing at Anna Cole started before 11am & is now wrapped through the park, past the Jackston T Stop, past the blue bikes & down Centre Street. And they don't open till noon! People came prepared with chairs!

Meanwhile, a new walk-in testing site at the West End House, 105 Allston St. in Allston, is scheduled to open tomorrow morning, with hours of 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Monday through Friday and 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Other Boston testing sites.



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Just in time for holidays.

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Kudos to the Broad Center that runs that place. I remember walking straight in last summer (covid cases were of course in the low hundreds), they thought they’d shut down. Recently a backup to just that playground is a 25 minute wait, so this line is 2-3x longer. Anyways, thank goodness for that testing center and everyone getting tested.

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They way they are managing their limited resources wastes a lot of time (and while the tests are run by Broad, they are collected by LCG Boston). I wrote to LCG and suggested that they move the nose blowing out of the individual nurses stations and then also give people a test tube and move them to a centralized testing site where one staff member can oversee multiple tests at the same time to improve throughput. They were managing 12 test per staff per hour, which is not fast!

The big issue is data collection, and that's a Broad issue: they really should have a way to collect contact information while you're standing in line.

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Yes, from an operations standpoint they could do better. Blowing noses is pretty basic (but do it outside, not in the cramped entry), and you’re right, registering while you stand there takes as long as the test, even if you’re previously registered — that could be easily improved.

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Like 3 hours and 15 minutes for someone who was in line before they opened at noon.


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Why do these people complain to the lame duck governor? Are there no cabinet level positions in charge of public health on the city level? But gotta give the new team some time after the inauguration tomorrow to huddle and figure this out.

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there's Marylou Sudders, who is more useless than the governor.

As far as city positions, some of them are easier to figure out right now because of all of the publicity around the new mayor, but generally, people at City Hall don't even know who has what position. I frequently have to call them for work-related issues, usually having to do with healthcare, housing, and education, and I've literally had city employees on the phone reading off of a paper list telling me someone is in charge of a department, and I tell them, nope, I emailed that person last week and got an autoreply that they no longer work for the city. "Oh, well, my list must not be up to date then sorry." Even 311 is reading off of paper lists that don't get updated. WTF year is it?

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What about B PHC? Is there anyone in charge?

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