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Another transgender-related bomb threat at Children's Hospital

WCVB reports the bomb threat mailed in this morning referenced Children's Hospital's programs for transgender youth - and alleged bombs were also placed at the homes of three doctors. Police cleared the scene after an hour.

In September, the FBI arrested a Westfield woman for calling in a threat that shut the hospital for a couple hours.



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apparatus that didn't have to find some marginalized group of human beings to hate, vilify, and inspire violence against to give themselves something to rally around.

Old playbook, new victims: every tactic echoes previous homophobic, racist or xenophobic tropes. What a loathsome, tiny-minded, retrograde, pitiful way to exist.

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In the past, the Republicans and the Right attacked marginalized groups, who were without allies and defenders, and so made great targets that could be endlessly victimized. Now, in addition, they are attacking public institutions (schools, hospitals, libraries, etc.) that are providing services to these same groups. Someone somewhere is seeking to drive a wedge that will separate marginalized people from those institutions that are providing more equitable service of late, and in at least a few cases they are succeeding. But they are also meeting with resistance.

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