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Anti-Semites threaten Salem health officials they think are Jewish

The city of Salem reported today that losers who think they know who's Jewish have been threatening city public-health officials and employees over Covid-19 efforts.

Over the past several weeks members of the Salem Board of Health and Health Department staff with names perceived to indicate that they are Jewish have been directly targeted by hateful, antisemitic messages and threats online, by email, and over voicemails. These attacks have been reported to the Salem Police Department and the Anti-Defamation League.

These actions are unacceptable, repugnant, and worthy of condemnation by everyone, regardless of your perspective on the COVID mitigation measures enacted and modified by the Board of Health to help protect public health.

In addition to Mayor Kim Driscoll, city councilors and School Committee members, the posting was signed by US Rep. Seth Moulton, State Sen. Joan Lovely and State Rep. Paul Tucker.

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Statement with signatories.

ETA from a friend who's close to this, in re: drawing conclusions from any missing names: "This was a quick ask from the City, and if some people were not on email yesterday, they would not have had time to respond for this press release."

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SO... I have to join Facebook to access public information?

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The Salem city page is available to anybody, regardless of Facebook login status.

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