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Arroyo denies high-school sexual-assault charges; lawyer for one woman says Arroyo never assaulted her

Somebody dropped some paperwork on the Globe about two investigations into alleged sexual attacks by City Councilor and DA candidate Ricardo Arroyo when he was a student at the O'Bryant School.

Herald reporter Sean Philip Cotter reported from a press conference today that Arroyo denied attacking anybody, blasted whoever committed an "abuse of power" by sending the docs to the Globe, said he absolutely no intention of dropping out of the DA's race, would not answer a question about why he said he never even knew about two separate BPD investigations even though the Globe reported his family retained a lawyer for him. A lawyer for one of the two women read a statement from her denying any allegations against Arroyo.

Globe reporter Danny McDonald notes City Councilors Kendra Lara (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Mission Hill) and Tania Fernandes Anderson (Roxbury) attended to show their continued support for Arroyo. He adds that former US Rep. Joe Kennedy III, who does not live in Suffolk County, has rescinded his endorsement.



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Arroyo is full of shit.

Never investigated, no knowledge, but knew exactly who to reach out to. Also who has a lawyer “assist them through school.”

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It amazes me the original article neglects to mention that his father was a city councilor at the time the alleged attacks happened, and the father was very close to Mayor Menino.

The Ironworkers union just pulled their endorsement.

*** As did Ed Flynn

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Both candidates seem uniquely unqualified for the job.

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Knows his father was active politics as well. It is NOT necessary to rehash that in every article.

Menino's son was a BPD officer with a sweet gig at Suffolk Construction, must that be mentioned in every article about Tommy or his struggles with the Queen's English?

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He is innocent until proven guilty of the original charges, but his actions after the Globe contacted him are really pretty worrisome.

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So were Hayden's 3 different answers after the Globe reported that he dropped the investigation into the crooked T cop, gave probation to another and personally requested a campaign donation in order to end the investigation of the T cop.

He's also never answered questions about how he lost track of almost 2k sex offenders while working in a state role.

It is rich that Hayden and his rabid supporters are all over Arroyo yet were nowhere to be found when the stories about him came out.

Both candidates have no business being in office. I don't think I will be voting for DA on my ballot as I can't in good conscious vote for either of them.

This race didn't have to turn ugly like this. It just continues to widen the divide between residents that started with AEG last year.

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It is rich that Hayden and his rabid supporters are all over Arroyo yet were nowhere to be found when the stories about him came out.

Both candidates have no business being in office. I don't think I will be voting for DA on my ballot as I can't in good conscious vote for either of them.

It’s surprising until you realize that Hayden supporters are police boosters who see Hayden ignoring misconduct, being buddies with and hiring police defense attorneys as ADAs, taking bribes and lying — and they dig it. It’s a feature, not a bug.

When they get caught committing overtime fraud, falsifying police reports, running into protesters with their cars, committing domestic abuse and sexual assault, they know that their attorney has an inside line to Hayden’s office and Hayden’s going to be sympathetic, happy to let it slide. (Oh, and support legalized theft — asset forfeiture — to benefit the police.)

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Yeah I was just about to say I haven’t heard anything about him being found guilty or convicted so these claims shouldn’t even be made and I hope he sues the globe and whoever started spreading or secretly releasing info and not for nothing but all this stuff if his lawyer is smart could cause a mistrial cause as it looks right now that dude will never get a fair trial cause the globe and whoever else is involved tainted it

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I don't know what happened, but the leaking of privacy-protected documents stinks.

I'm not even a fan of Arroyo.

The mass abandonment and demands for resignation before facts are in is sickening.

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Did you see what Arroyo's supporters did when the Hayden article in the Globe came out?

They all ran to say he needed to resign and drop out immediately.

Hell, even Arroyo himself did that. Hayden hasn't done that.

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More ridiculous is judging an adult's suitability by whatever stupid things they did in high school. Arroyo proved himself to be an insufferable stooge for Kim Janey last year, but his behavior in high school 15+ years ago is irrelevant today.

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This isn't about some drunken high jinks. This is, allegedly, about rape. Rape is never "irrelevant".

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Stupid things they did in high school!?

Rape is OK if it happened in high school?!

Fellow anon, please don't justify rape for anyone any amount of time ago...no matter your political leanings or preference for a DA who could be disbarred after election apparently (Arroyo, according to the Globe).

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Sort of burying the lede here, Adam. The story is notable because the Globe caught him in several outright lies. The story isn’t really about whether he actually assaulted anyone, because that’s a disputed issue. His lies are clearly undisputed.

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Why would one of the women who said it never happened need an attorney?

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The attorney can speak for her while using the law to protect her privacy to the extent possible.

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Which is worse, this or Kevin Hayden allegedly mis-handling a police brutality case? I'm glad I don't live in Suffolk County where I need to make this choice.

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How are these the best options?! I don't think I've ever left a spot blank on a ballot, and I won't this time, but it's the first time I've strongly considered it.

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