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Authorities looking at whether Northeastern explosion was staged by the employee who was injured

Associated Press reports investigators grew wary of his story because "his injuries did not match wounds typically consistent with an explosion, said one official."


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about leaks of investigations after Richard Jewell

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Also need to be careful with being specific about things like "bombs". It might have been a fraud but also may have been a mechanical mechanism or other device producing overpressurization and not a true explosion.

Thinking also about how BPD treated some witnesses to the Gardner Museum Robbery who said they saw cops in the car. The police asked them bizarrely specific questions about their uniforms as if anyone would notice/care/know exactly what shape the sleeves were, minute insignia details or where creases were set, etc.

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Come on Swirlz. As much as they can be criticized the FBI is still a wee bit more professional an investigative force than BPD back in those days. Why put any of your credibility on the side of a guy who is about to go down hard?

Chemical analysis already would show if there was accelerant or explosives residue. If there was that or a mechanical device that could cause an "explosion" I doubt the FBI would be leaking this. They are highly professional leakers.

This appears to be a sad story of an attention seeker, and I bet we learn a lot about him/they really soon. Or do you actually prefer that there is an unknown bomber on the loose sending explosive devices to academics? That is pretty sick in support of a sociopolitical preference hoping for MAGA anarchy.

And all that after I actually liked the original poster's comment.

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Zevon your classic lyric line must have been quoted countless times. But a twist: Send lawyers, (parents), and money.

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This guy's a middle-aged employee, not a student.

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How does one convincingly stage injuries from an "explosion", and I am curious how far off any fake I jries might be. Did this person pay a friend to give them a black eye in the bathroom before making the call or what?

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A page straight from the Jussie Smollett playbook!

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