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Baker names replacement for DA Rollins

The State House News Service reports Gov. Baker has named Kevin Hayden, a former Suffolk County prosecutor who now chairs the state Sex Offender Registry Board, to fill the remainder of Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollin's term after Rollins leaves shortly to become US Attorney for Massachusetts. Voters will choose a four-year replacement in November.



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There is a really sad 5th place City Council finisher right now

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I've been waiting since he campaigned for Governor to hear what he has to say about the embarrassing fail of the crumbling corrupt transit system.

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I don't remember this guy ever running for Governor. Which election was it?

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Apparently yet another sinecure for highly paid governor appointees biding time until they get appointed to an even more highly paid gig.

"Sex Offender Registry (Sor) Salaries
Number of employees at Sex Offender Registry (Sor) in year 2018 was 52. Average annual salary was $81,294 and median salary was $81,818. Sex Offender Registry (Sor) average salary is 73 percent higher than USA average and median salary is 88 percent higher than USA median."

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And the Cost of Living in Boston is 162% of the USA average (https://www.bestplaces.net/cost_of_living/city/massachusetts/boston) so an equivalent salary ought to be at least 62% higher than the USA average; 73% isn't far off, which your misleading sentence implies it is. Furthermore, in our extremely inequitable wage structure, you can't compare a lawyer with a doctorate to the USA average across all workers; at the very least you need to compare it to the USA average for lawyers, and you will find that the SOR salaries are not high at all. (Details are left for the student to research.) And what makes you think that the position is a sinecure? For all you and I know, they may work 80 hours a week. (I doubt it, but where's the evidence?)

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