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Barbara Walters, Brookline native who became international reporter and interviewer, dies at 93

Variety reports Barbara Walters has died at 93.

Walters was born in Boston, but lived her early life in Brookline, where she went to the Lawrence School.

Her father, Lou Walters, started the Latin Quarter nightclub at 46 Winchester St. in Bay Village, with his partner E.M. Loew. After the Cocoanut Grove fire around the corner, the city shut the Latin Quarter and other clubs until they could be made safer.

The family later moved to Miami Beach and New York, when Lou Walters opened Latin Quarter clubs there.



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Interestingly, she united conservatives and liberals on something. The subreddits /Conservative and /news (which some consider to be liberal posters. The subreddit /Liberal does not have a thread about Walters yet) are pretty united in their dislike of her due some of her interviews.

Most particularly her interview of Corey Feldman who had gone public about child sexual abuse in Hollywood and she asked him about "ruining the industry" by going public. And also her interview with Dolly Parton in which she called Dolly a hillbilly and asked if Dolly's breasts were real.

Her later career was not as admirable as her early career.

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Yes, her interview with Dolly Parton was incredibly rude and embarrassing. I watched it recently and was stunned by her disrespect l. I am not a country fan, so I don’t like Dolly Parton’s music, but she was incredibly dignified and held her own against walters. I never watched the Corey Feldman interview, but I have no doubt that it was infuriating.

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20/20 at the end of each show she would say “I’ll be in touch, so you’ll be in touch”

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