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BC tells students they can't ride motorized scooters indoors

Boston College is out with formal regulations about scooters with motors that include such common-sense rules as yielding to pedestrians and not driving them hellbent for leather while on campus, the BC Heights reports. But also:

Students living in residence halls can store their scooters inside, but they must carry and not ride the scooters while indoors, the email states.



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So they can ride bikes in the hallways?

Are the restrictions as to battery powered, or gasoline, or two stroke engine powered? The smell of some engines is pretty strong.

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I'm betting those are already so restricted.

Probably in the 1900s, along with rollerskates.

New tech needs new rules.

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But ya can be happy if you've a mind to.

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We're talking the things that look like Razors, only usually painted black. Remember a few years ago when they started showing up all over Brookline and Cambridge? Those sort of things.

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On the other hand, they don't say you can't ride a Harley in the corridors, so my weekend plans are still on.

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“If they don’t allow Harleys at Harvard… I’ll ride mine straight to BC.”

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