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Our rainbow drought ended this evening

Double rainbow over Boston

KB had a great view of a double rainbow from the Back Bay this evening.

Over in Cambridge, Melissa Sullivan reports it was the most beautiful rainbow she's ever seen, so amazing she ran out of a business dinner to snap some shots of it:

Rainbow over the Back Bay and Charles River

Other folks captured the rainbows - and the amazing sunset that followed it:


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I like how everyone knows to tag Universal Hub with their rainbow pics.

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Just open Twitter and boom, rainbow pics!

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I try not to tag Adam with stuff.. I just cant imagine what his feed is like. Endless notifications and what not.

Follows 18K, has 78k followers. Oooof

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Breaking news, licensing board hearings, birds, helicopters, rainbows.

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Or did they outlaw them, too?

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Clearly, the first picture is a Prism Perrito Pokemon using his rainbow retrieving power!

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