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State Senate votes to protect Massachusetts abortion providers from out-of-state bounty hunters

MassLive.com reports the state Senate has agreed to amend a pending budget bill with a provision that would bar Massachusetts law-enforcement agencies from assisting efforts to go after Massachusetts facilities that provide "legally protected health care activities in Massachusetts."

The amendment would also limit what courts can order clinics facing action in other states to say about their care here and would let the providers sue out-of-state abortion deniers coming after them for damages in our courts. It would also apply to facilities that provide "gender affirming" care.

The budget bill and the amendment, sponsored by state Sen. Cindy Friedman of Arlington, now goes to the House.

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Can the Northeast declare itself independent of these rednecks? They can have the Pennsyltucky parts of PA but it might be time for the Portland to Richmond Metroplex go out on its own.

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But New Hampshire.. our own Alabama of the Northeast.

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...criminalizing the actions of out of state abortion deniers? Lawsuits are all well and good, but I would prefer to see these knuckledraggers thrown in jail.

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Our jails have been emptying out for years, thankfully we have haters that want to fill them back up

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Can the state also do something about the fake clinics that give people false information about abortions and do not provide the "options" they claim to give?

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They are called "pregnancy crisis centers" or "pregnancy centers". They are run by anti-choice organizations and are staffed by anti-choice activists, almost none of whom have any medical training or qualifications. They outright lie about abortion and about pregnancy and offer "advice" that is dangerous to women's health.

Why does anyone go to them? Incentives. They offer infant supplies such as formula and diapers, but for a price: the recipients must sit through their "how to parent" sessions. They operate in areas with high poverty rates, so people who are denied options other than trying to carry a child to term are incentivized to attend and return to their programs to get supplies that they need and that the state won't provide.

And yes, they are operating in pro-choice Massachusetts. In Worcester. In Northampton. 29 locations in Massachusetts and over 25,000 in the United States.

They should be shut down.

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I hope the MA House passes this quickly without its usual wrangling. Very scary that things have regressed to the point that we need a law like this.

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like he has vetoed abortion-related legislation in the past.

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