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The Blue Hills Reservation keeps catching on fire

Fire in the Blue Hills

Steve H. looked out the window of JetBlue Flight 1222 inbound to Logan from the south shortly before 7 p.m. and spotted what appeared to be "a sizeable brush fire" in the area of the Blue Hills Reservation.

KsKM3 looked out the window at South Shore Plaza around 7:40:

Fire in the Blue Hills

Stewie reports the fire actually erupted yesterday.

This is only the latest brush fire at the 7,000-acre reservation.

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...and it always starts with a burning butt, likely tossed from a car window.

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I hope it’s not arson. Butts usually end up in the road without a strong and perfect flick. You’d have to be quite the jackass to flick your butt into the woods, but the world never ceases to amaze me. There are many people looking for any kind of destruction.

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It has to be arson because for the last 3 weekends there have been fires and this weekend will be a really hot one.

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