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Blue Line riders can't get home at the witching hour; thanks to a sudden T loss of power

The MBTA is vaguely blaming "power problems" for ending Blue Line service for the night with a blackout at Maverick station and special Snail-Speed Service across the harbor.

Will Woodring is one of the lucky ones - he actually managed to get from State Street to Maverick, although not quickly:

Took 45 minutes to get from State Street to Maverick on the Blue Line, we arrive to a power outage. How does this happen?

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Is running out of excuses

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What happened to the track repair this week? T posted bussing from 8:45 on 10/17 to 10/20?

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when waiting for trains at Maverick Square I could hear them moving what sounded like railroad ties around up the track towards Airport so maybe they were doing it overnights and clean up in the mornings.

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